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Fangshan IDC




Fangshan cloud base is located in Beijing Fangshan Doudian high-end manufacturing base. It is an independent large data center park and the park covers an area of 102000 square meters. The first phase of the project is expected to put into operation in 2018.



Building area: 130,723

Cabinet capacity: Fangshan IDC has12000 cabinets in all .The first phase has 6000 cabinets, the second phase has 6000 cabinets.


The features of IDC

A grade level data center

Single cabinet capacity: 3 ~ 10 kVA, according to customer requirements.

Redundant power distribution design, no single point of failure circuit.

2N double cold source fault tolerance design.

Gas fire extinguishing system, the early fire detector.

The centralized monitoring system of environment and equipment, CCTV system, and access control system.

24 hours security monitoring.

The total exports up to 100G BGP bandwidth, multiple operator chain of communication.